At Cold Laser Pain Relief we aim to provide the most effective treatment in the field of Photobiomodulation in Australia, using the most up to date knowledge, technology and equipment available.

To achieve our aim we employ a dedicated group of caring, well-trained and focused men and women from around the globe, who help achieve the best outcome possible for each patient.

Our staff continually keeps up with advances made in the world of laser, and willingly share that knowledge with patients to help them achieve their personal goals.

In a calm and caring, one on one environment we re-educate and guide patients to achieve optimal body posture, which in turn alleviates pain and distress. Once pain and distress recede, patients are able to live life to the full once more.

We respect every patient as an individual, and treat them as such, continually assessing their specific difficulties and challenges, and endeavoring to address issues which will fulfill optimal health.

We believe a pain free existence can be achieved without chemical intervention and surgery, and strive daily to make this a reality for every patient we come into contact with.