Digital Fatigue

Do you have challenges with your children and screens?

We are finding that there is a growing incidence of what we are calling “digital fatigue” in children and teenagers.

This is causing adverse issues with their posture, concentration and often results in headaches or migraines.

It seems that we are all being overwhelmed with screens,  – iPads, laptops, desktops, mobile phones.

After prolonged use children start to develop “screen slump” where their posture becomes incredibly rounded.   They also often suffer from vision problems, with many becoming nearsighted.

This is the case for many adults as well.

Here’s how Cold Laser Therapy Can Help:

Many young people suffering from digital fatigue have been treated using posture realignment and Light-Based Laser Therapy or what we call “Cold Laser Therapy”.

Combined with extensive history taking, we determine the underlying cause of your Digital Fatigue.   We are then able to design your treatment programme,  incorporating the use of Laser Light Technology.

Treatment for Digital Fatigue is available at the Cold Laser Pain Relief clinic in Walkerville, Adelaide.   We have been applying cold laser therapy here in Adelaide since it was used effectively on our founder in 1998.

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