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“A migraine is like a tornado. It attacks fast, usually without warning, and wreaks havoc regardless of what’s going on in your life at the moment.”

Stephen Silberstein MD Director of Jefferson Headache Clinic, Philadelphia.

Before we talk about how, let’s have a look at why.

What we know about migraines.

We find the majority of migraine patients have sustained a prior injury to their neck, whilst others have had an injury to their back.

These back or neck injuries may have been caused by childhood falls, long-forgotten sporting accidents or motor vehicle accidents.

Whiplash injuries are the most common cause of the first onset of severe one sided skull pain. Many patients have been in a car that has needed to stop suddenly.

Typically, classic migraine headaches develop some two years after such whiplash accidents.

From many years of talking to Migraine patients, we have observed this is a common and consistent pattern.

It takes two years or more for the chronic inflammation caused by an injury, to spread throughout the scalp.

We have discovered that this is also a common and consistent theme.

This swelling causes radiating pains or neuralgia over the scalp into the forehead which some of our patients liken to an “ice pick knocking inside my forehead.”

For people who suffer from a headache every day, this can be due to your scalp being full of inflammation.

Temporary relief.

Many patients have tried alternative migraine treatments.   They only gain temporary relief.

For the majority of migraine sufferers, the only pain relief for the debilitating, recurring, severe headaches is temporary – and involves the prescription and use of very strong medications.

Whilst medication can be effective in suppressing painful symptoms associated with migraines, it does not deal with the true cause of the pain.

Prolonged use of strong medication can also have harmful side effects and cause fatigue.

Do migraines affect your life?

We have found that many of our patients suffer from pain throughout their lives, but find a way to push through it despite the recurring episodes.

Migraines can also affect social life. Some dread receiving invitations to functions because there is no certainty they can attend.

What do our patients tell us?

Our patients often report that they have seen many specialists who have conducted a variety of tests from X-rays to CT scans, but often are not able to determine anything wrong.

There are also those who have suffered headache pain through their pregnancies and were not able to take pain killers.

Others report feeling addicted to pain medication and when they stop taking it the body craves it, resulting in a headache as strong as the migraine.

People also seek pain relief from other therapies including acupuncture, meditation, yoga, and hypnotherapy, to name a few.

Migraine is not a disease of the brain.  It always was and always will be an inflammation of a precise soft tissue injury or a long standing strain or sprain. Traditional medicine treats Migraines with medication, but this only allows temporary relief from severe bouts of pain and many less severe headaches.

Based on our first hand experience, soft tissue injuries are usually the cause of many of the common head pains, including Migraine.

What happens at the first appointment?

As part of our initial consultation, one of the questions we ask is how long have you been having migraines?

Then we ask if there has been any prior accident to the neck or head?

Often we find that people also talk about a sore neck which has been masked by the headache pain.

We then look at the potential correlation between prior accidents and the extent of the headaches and determine a treatment programme.

Undergoing laser treatment

Before commencing treatment we recommend patents do two things:

  1. Try to maintain good posture; and
  2. Attempt preventing re-injuring the injury, which means excluding other physical treatments or going to the gym.

The Cold Laser Therapy involves placing the laser over the primary injury area to initiate healing.

During the course of treatment, which can be up to 4 months, headaches can still occur but will not be as severe.

Some patients report regaining a sense of clarity after about two weeks into the treatment. Thoughts tend to be sharper and patients don’t feel as sleepy as they once did.

Here is how Cold Laser Pain Relief can help:

Many migraine sufferers have been treated using Light-Based Laser Therapy or  Cold Laser Therapy.

If you constantly dread a migraine and are tired of using strong medications, contact us today to make an appointment to review your personal condition.

During your initial consultation, extensive history taking allows us to determine the underlying cause of your Migraines, and we can then design your specific treatment protocol, incorporating the use of Laser Light Technology.

As mentioned before, our experience in treating migraines reveals they are often caused by referred nerve pain resulting from a long-standing, chronic injury of the neck or base of the skull.

Treatment for Migraines is available at the Cold Laser Pain Relief clinic in Walkerville, Adelaide.

Our patients have benefitted from Cold Laser Therapy since it was used effectively on our founder in 1998.

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