In the media

  • THOR LLLT presentation at United Nations – Global Health Impact Forum
    This 15 minute video starts with an overview of Photobiomodulation and low level light therapy. Later in the presentation James Carroll introduces the Lumithera treatment for Dry Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).
  • Norman Doidge explains the extraordinary science of neuroplasticity.
    Listen to Eminent Canadian psychiatrist Dr Norman Doidge’s interview with Richard Fidler. Tuesday 30 September 2008 
    Click here to listen.
  • Norman Doidge believes our ‘plastic’ brains can heal themselves.
    Listen to Dr Norman Doidge’s interview with Richard Fidler. Friday 22 July 2016
    Click here to listen.
  • How we can use light to see deep inside our bodies and brains.
    In a series of mind-bending demos, inventor Mary Lou Jepsen shows how we can use red light to see and potentially stimulate what’s inside our bodies and brains. Taking us to the edge of optical physics, Jepsen unveils new technologies that utilize light and sound to track tumors, measure neural activity and could possibly replace the MRI machine with a cheaper, more efficient and wearable system.

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Cognitive Function Resource

THOR LLLT presentation at United Nations

Dr Norman Doidge

Mary Lou Jepsen